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1. Our wood

Where is your firewood sourced?

All our woods are sourced from some of the finest locations for firewood the world has to offer which are all farmed sustainably.

How is your firewood packaged?

Our wood is packaged by us into reusable and eco-friendly jute bags. Each bag holds approximately 10kg of firewood that is easy to carry. Our jute bags look great next to the fire and have an easy to open draw string opening.

All bags are packaged based on weight but within each bag will generally be between 6 - 10 pieces of wood.

All small orders will be packaged into our jute bags and delivered in boxes. Larger orders will be packaged into our jute bags and then be delivered on pallets

What size are the logs cut to?

Ideal for UK wood burning stoves and open fires our logs are cut to a length of circa 25cm

Why is Ignis Firewood so good?

Manufacturer's usually recommend a moisture content of maximum 20%. HETAS recommends up to 25%. However, our heavily seasoned hardwood has an average moisture content of around 15% so all of our seasoned firewoods are ideal for all wood/multifuel stoves and open fires. Our hardwood is extremely well seasoned and has a high density which means it will burn longer with higher heat output.

These aren't the only qualities our wood has. We identify woods based on the beautiful aromas they release and the fantastic and unique ways they look. It's more than just firewood its about the way it makes you feel and the atmosphere it creates.

2. Delivery

Please visit our Delivery Page.

3. Making a fire


Crumple some newspaper and place in the centre along with one firelighter. Use 6 - 8 pieces of kindling in a pyramid shape over the newspaper. Light the firelighter and when the kindling takes, lightly arrange the firewood on top in a pyramid shape.

How much of your seasoned hardwood firewood do I need?

A tough one to answer due to so many variables. However, each of our jute bags holds between 6 - 10 pieces of wood which depending on your usage should last between 2 - 3 evenings of light usage.


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