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Our Way

We are Ignis, a new firewood supplier that is igniting the firewood market from our small base in Bristol. We are passionate about firewood, where it comes from, how it looks and the way it burns from the colours it displays to the delicate aromas it releases. 

Ashley and Ollie

We endeavour to bring to our customers the finest wood from Apple wood to Olive wood - it’s all about the quality burning brighter for longer. We know that there is nothing quite like a roaring home fire we just know how to make it better.

We want to be known for our reliability, our knowledge and the fantastic intriguing woods that we supply. 

Our Story 

It feels a bit strange to be writing 'our story,' as we are not sure it is one yet but if you want to know a little more about us and how we decided upon creating Ignis Firewood then hopefully this will give you a little insight.

While having a couple of beers sat round the fire and enjoying some great food we had another conversation about our two favourite topics food and drink which is when we established our third favourite topic that was soon to take over as number one...firewood.

Ashley next to chimnea

Craft, flavours and provenance all formed part of that conversation and when we started to look at the fire roaring away we had a discussion about the differences firewood can offer from the way it burns to the scent it releases. We enjoyed a good home fire  but didn't really know what different woods could offer, firewood is just firewood right...wrong! 

Testing the theory with friends, with an array of different woods we were delighted with all the quirky differences they offered. How they looked, smelt and burn time were all different.

Firewood isn't just about heat, it's the way it makes you feel and the atmosphere it creates. Great friends, great food and a great home fire is what we love.

That conversation was the the start of our new passion that is now Ignis Firewood.

Oh...and Ignis is latin for fire in case you were wondering.

Thank you for sharing our passion and we hope you find our woods inspiring.

The Ignis Firewood Chiefs


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